Alison Chang is a Taiwanese-American visual storyteller based in Austin, Texas, specializing in documentary filmmaking and post-production work.  In 2014, she was a producer on the short film LOST FOR WORDS produced by Jubilee Media and starring NBA Player Jeremy Lin. From 2015-2017, she was a two-year filmmaking resident with The Austin Stone Community Church. Independently, Alison has worked on projects with Live Nation, ILC Films, and Emergent Order. She is currently working on her first feature-length documentary. 

Services Offered

Assistant Editing - Editing - Storytelling and Post-Production Consulting

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why aleeviate?

Growing up, people liked to yell "ALEEEEESON" at me from across the room. This eventually got shortened to "ALEE" and led to a variety of play-on-words and AIM/Xanga usernames. One of those name puns was "aleeviate", a play on the word "alleviate". What am I trying to alleviate? Bad storytelling, I suppose.